We’re called to Go!

Our prayer is for every believer to share the hope of Jesus Christ with those they meet throughout their daily lives.


Know how to articulate your personal testimony.

  • What was your life like before Jesus?
  • Describe that moment when you came to faith in Christ.
  • How is God working in your life now?

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Know how to share the plan of salvation.


Engage in Regular Gospel Conversations.

  • Whether with a spouse or a friend, agree together to have a predetermined number of God conversations with people you meet or already know each week. Once you complete the God Conversation Challenge sign up form at the top of this page and print your confirmation email, you can place it in your Bible as a reminder and begin praying for God to send you conversation opportunities.

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Teach other believers how to do the same.

  • Duplicate yourself by teaching these four steps to other believers. Once you’ve taught one, teach another.

The Message

The truth is we all have challenges and personal issues we deal with in life. It’s encouraging to learn how normal everyday people share in those same struggles and overcome them. 1millionstories.org provides a platform for individuals to point people to the only lasting solution that offers complete joy and peace in this life while preparing us for the eternal life to come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Mission

In today’s highly digital and fast-paced-global world, there are many things tugging for the attention of our minds, hearts and spirits. Because of the huge cultural shifts in society, Christian’s often find themselves timid in sharing their faith in Jesus Christ for fear of persecution at one level or another. For those who are not afraid to share their faith, the busyness of daily schedules often prevents us from taking the time to tell others about the blessing and joy of having Jesus Christ in our life. The result, missed opportunities to share the eternal-life-changing message of Jesus with others.

The reality is we will all breathe our last breath and need to ask the question , Am I ready for eternity? The tragedy is some will enter eternity having never heard a clear presentation of the message of Jesus Christ because Christians were too afraid to share it.

The Method

1milionstories.org was launched to help Christians overcome the fear of sharing their faith, provide a tool that would do the work for them, and have the potential to revolutionize personal evangelism on a global scale. Ultimately we want to empower every Christian to fulfill the Great Commission while using modern technology. It’s a marriage of high-tech with high-touch.

Use this site and the My Story Card and let’s impact the world together one life-changing story at a time!

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