Hi, my name is Melinda C.

I was raised in a Christian home. Many times people may say “a Christian home” where family members may have Jesus as their Savior and attended church sporadically or only on Sunday mornings. We did not just attend church on just holidays or Sunday mornings. My family (dad, mom, and sister) were at church for Sunday School and worship service, Training Union on Sunday evenings before the worship service and also were at mid-week services on Wednesdays. We did not just “go” to church, our family was involved in the activities of the church as well. My parents also lead us in daily Bible readings and prayers for missionaries each and every morning, because we all ate breakfast together. With that all being said, I don’t have one of those stories that is “life transforming” to others.

My life was personally transformed. Even though I was raised in a Christian home, I had to make the decision to ask Jesus to be Savior of my life. My parents and other family members or friends could not do it for me. I made that decision when I was 6 years old. I wanted to go to heaven. Because my upbringing was so embedded in church and Christian activities, I did not necessarily make a decision to make Jesus the Lord of my life. For many years, I had times I doubted my salvation because it was based on my feelings or emotions. When as a young adult ( I was married and had children) I made the decision to let Jesus be Lord of my life, not just my Savior. That was a big transformation. I no longer went through the motions of what I thought I should be doing to be an “example” to others. When I realized there was so much more to having Jesus as my Lord, friend, helper, etc, I then began living life with more understanding. I didn’t just have to read my Bible, I wanted to read and learn and understand more. Seeing people for who they are and not being so judgmental about them also was a change in my life. I learned to talk to Jesus, not “just pray”.

I still make mistakes, sin, have to repent for those. But I do it without beating myself up.
I am still learning so much about the love of God the Father, Jesus and how the Holy Spirit works.  While making that decision so many years ago was so important, growing daily makes the relationship so much sweeter. It is a daily process.