Edwin C.

Edwin C.

from Mindanao
Story #353
I am Edwin Camerino I used to live in Davao City. When I was 10 years old my parents got separated. Both my parents found a lived in partner and they both left me at our house in Davao. Years passed and my mom took me to Cotabato (Muslim Area) and I went to school there till grade 6. But after I finished elementary school I went back to Davao City. When I went back to davao I didn't have my parents to look after me thats why I started hanging out with bad friends and thats how I started drinking, smoking marijuana and eventually I started using drugs (Shabu). Because of drugs I and my friends always find fight and we had to leave Davao or else they will kill us. So I ended up going back to Cotabato where I found friends again and this time they were muslims. And when I was there my addiction to drugs became worst. But I always find fights so I had to leave again and I went back to Davao City. And I was in Davao I met someone and this guy is running a drug syndicate. I became really close to him and one day I ended up running his drug business. I became a drug dealer and a drug pusher. I thought my life was happy because I don't need to find money but money finds me. Everyday people come to my house to buy drugs. But again, I found another fight and this time I had a fight with a police officer.

This police officer harassed me he put a gun on my head and he wanted me to admit that I am drug dealer but I was to afraid to admit it - so I did not. One night I was on drugs and I got drunk and I found the police officer's brand new car and I tried to destroy it. I broke the windows, lights, trunks and the front. I knew he's gonna kill me so I ran and I went back to Cotabato City. And when I was there my addiction continues - it didn't stop. But again, I found a fight and I had to leave the place. But despite of the risk I went back to Davao but I was hiding. But my mom found out what happened and she asked to go at her place where she grew up. But at first I didn't want to coz its in the middle of the jungle and river but because I didn't have choice so I went with her. When I was there I found out that I have so many relatives from that place. I thought I will change but drinking, smoking marijuana and drugs found me again.

In the year 2008 I decided that I will stay there for the rest of my life so built a house and at the front of my house was a church. This pastor and his family start reaching me out but I didn't really care. I really thought that I will changed but I met someone again and this guy is also a drug pusher. My life was a mess. We used my house as a drug hide out. Drug users came everyday at my house to use drugs. Until one day I got so tired and I asked my self ''Is this life?'' I still remember the day that was December 31, 2013 in the middle of the night. And when I was alone I realized that my life was a total mess and its going nowhere. In the middle of the night I came to the Lord weeping and asking for help to change me. And I remember my neighbor who's a pastor and one time he said ''Here's a bible and I'm giving it to you and this is where you can find the truth and the true freedom.'' So I started reading the bible. And when I was reading it I realized that I wasn't only killing my body but I'm also killing my soul. I realized that all the things that I've done and still doing can bring me to hell. I lied, stole things from people, sex out of marriage and many more. And thats how I realized I need a savior. And I asked Jesus to save me.

I said Jesus save me, change me and come to my life and from now I will give the rest of my life to you. But Christian life is not that easy. Many temptations came I still let my friends to use my house as a drug hide out. But one day my pastor said ''If you really want to change then you should stop letting your friends use your house as a hide out.'' And I desperately wanted to change so I didn't let my friends to use my house anymore as a drug hide out. Because of what I did thats how I found out that the people that I called friends aren't truly friends. They hated and persecuted me for what I did and for what I become. But since 2014 till this year I am drug free. I am so thankful to the Lord that when I was in darkness he brought me back to light. I've realized that without God I am nothing. Now I am currently studying or joining a training called ''Tribal Discipleship Training'' where they teach us about the bible and about God. When this training finish I will go back to my place and I will start reaching them. I want to share the freedom and the changed that I received only from the Lord. All the glory and honor belongs to him alone.

Edwin is currently staying in Agusan and his relatives or the people around him are part of the unreached people groups. They are the tribes of Manobo, Agusan and Manobo Umayamnon.

You can learn more about Edwin here.
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