Gracie N.

Gracie N.

from KS
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As a child I grew up in a Christian home. I always loved reading the bible. I live in a four-plex where every week we would have bible study, church, and prayers daily. Knowing that Jesus is always by my side has helped give me comfort throughout life's trials and temptations and all else.

When I was six I went to a life changing vacation bible school literally! This helped push me a little more into wanting to become saved and baptized. Most importantly my parents extremely helped lead me to salvation through their Christ-like examples. They also helped me in reading verses and praying through this process. After that my best friend got baptized. Her wonderful example also helped me in my decision. I was suddenly forming a magnificent relationship with Christ in my heart. I told my parents I was ready to get saved and they lead me through praying to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I was baptized at Shawnee Mission Park soon after. Now I try my absolute best to live for Christ every second of my day while trying to show and share love and compassion to others.

My family has always accepted people and helped take care of their needs. By this we have a food and clothes pantry for all neighbors. We hold Friday night fires for anyone to have a nice meal, play games, and to share the love of Jesus. We also take in homeless families in our bottom apartments.

One day I read this absolutely beautiful book about sharing the love of Jesus with others called Kisses from Katie. Katie left her wonderful life to devote all of her time to work in orphanages in Uganda. A truly awesome quote of hers is “ Every day we have a choice. We can let fear of something that really is small compared to the greatness of God cripple us. Or we can take a risk, do something to help someone else, make a person smile, change someone’s world. All we have to do is decide to get up and embrace it”. She inspired me immensely to be strong and courageous and go out into the world to all kinds of people to spread the gospel and love others. I wanted some kind of chance to do this.

Our next step is to open up our own farm where we will bring in foster and at-risk children close to Kansas City. Our hope is to help them through their life struggles, love them, show Jesus to them, and best of all give them an opportunity to have their own relationship with Christ! I am so excited for the great journey that lies ahead! And I hope I will be able to touch others' lives in a way that will greatly impact their walk with Christ.

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