Can I really trust the Bible?

The short answer: Yes

Further Explanation

Over the years, people, places and events described in the Bible have been proven to be accurate and correct. Today, you can visit Jericho, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea just to name a few. The remains of Babylon found in modern day Iraq, Ephesus and even Egypt. These are all sights in the Bible as having religious significance.

The Bible can be trusted as a historically accurate book. However, the real question comes down to faith. Are you going to believe the teachings of Christ? Are you going to believe what hasn’t been proven yet? Either it’s all true, or it’s all false. That is a decision you need to make for yourself.

In the book of Acts alone, over 126 proper names and places are listed putting the Bible on test and with every year that passes more and more archeological discoveries continue to be made validating the accuracy of the Bible.

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